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“Enjoy the magic of life, be as true as possible, be yourself.” ~Anasma

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Anasma is working on getting her 200 Hours Yoga teacher training… Namaste.

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  • 2014-2015-gates tu fusion 3 cologne  feat Anasma and Linda Faoro
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  • 2014-2015-session 3 feat Anasma and Linda Faoro
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  • Tribal Art Festival 2015 - feat Anasma
  • 2014-2015-session 4 feat Anasma and Linda Faoro
  • 201504 Linda Anasma in April 2015 in Koln
  • 2014-2015-gates tu fusion 2 may  feat Anasma and Linda Faoro
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  • 2014-2015-session 5 feat Anasma and Linda Faoro
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  • 20141004 carte postale 2014-2015 AWCDS LFTDS 5
  • The New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference
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  • Dec 20-21, 2014 | France

    Heartpoint show: Modern Jazz, Contemp, Hip Hop

    Anasma is happy to perform within the professional dance training program she is part of for the season 2014-2105, at the HeartPoint studio. Choreographies by Dominique Lesdema, Bastien Nozeran, Laure... Read More

  • Jan 2-4, 2015 | Switzerland

    Zurich Winter intensive

    Workshops at the ZEOT School

  • Jan 16-18, 2015 | France

    IUBC au Bellyfusions 2015

    Avec IUBC feat Piny Orchidaceae, Even Dew, Linda et Anasma Stage et Show

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Anasma's Ocean Elevation Official Music Video

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Three new articles online about Anasma, “Chance Is Back” and “1984…2014″!


“I am my own big brother” article / interview by Marcel Bieger on Hagalla “Chance is Back” reviewed by Konstanze Wrinkler of Hagalla Interview by Melanie Mazard about “Chance is Back” in a Woman Music Web Magazine Les Autres Mondes

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