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DeRose Method influenced Anasma

The DeRose Method is a combination of concepts and techniques originated from ancient cultural traditions.

Or in a more expanded form:

The DeRose Method is a lifestyle proposal focusing on good quality of life, fulfilling human relationships, culture, good dietary habits and optimal health. Some of the tools used are breathing re-education, stress management, and body techniques to improve muscular tone and flexibility, as well as other techniques utilized to achieve emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of these tools ultimately aim to increase consciousness and self-awareness.

The following topics help to further summarize the DeRose Method:

A proposal for lifestyle coaching
Emphasis on good quality of life
Good manners
Fulfilling human relationships
Cultural development
Good dietary habits
Optimal health
Breathing re-education
Stress management
Body techniques
Muscular tone
Concentration and meditation
Final goal of self-consciousness and awareness

Hundreds of schools and thousands of instructors currently teach this method in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Hawaii, Indonesia, Canada, the United States and Australia.

Check out these videos :
DeRose group performance at “On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance” in NYC, Sept 2010
The impressive Arthur Costi

My first initiation and huge inspiration to start DeRose Method Gui Alves

The feminine and strong Sonia Monteiro
My dear generous, inspiring friend and instructor Marcelo Tessari

Marcelo Tessari – DeRose Method choreography in NYC from Marcelo Tessari on Vimeo.

Join us on Oct 7-9, 2011 in NYC for the DeRose Culture 2011!DeRose Method influenced Anasma
Anasma at DeRose Culture 2011

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  1. Brian (US)
    Sep 04, 2011

    YAY! So glad to see you blogging! So fun to hear about the behind-the-scenes influences in your choreography & techniques!

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