Teacher at Tribal Fest 2013 and two performances

Sebastopol, CA | Directions

Anasma will be teaching 2 classes and performing at Tribal Fest 2013, in Sebastopol CA, USA.
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Solo Saturday 8:46 pm- 8:53 pm with Special guest
Duet with Tjarda Friday 5:50 – 5:53

First workshop on Wed at 4:45 – 6:45
Class Title: Unbeatable Eagle, Glorious Peacock and Funky Chicken: Bird Stylizations

Description: Be the majestic, unreachable, and unbeatable Eagle. Become the proud Peacock fanning its gorgeous feathers. Dare having fun by being the funky Chicken!

Anasma proposes a signature workshop applying Theater and Mime techniques to World Dance vocabulary. We will analyze the movements and behaviors of each bird. Then, tapping into different dance forms such as Hip Hop bellydance Liquid Fusion (Raqs Sharqi and Tribal fusion, Hip Hop-waving, floating, hitting , dimestopping), Modern, DeRose Method Yoga and of course Mime and Theater, we will work with transforming and transposing real life images, gestures and qualities of motion of the birds to our dance artistry, as soloists and in groups.

“Inspiration is everywhere you look… You just have to see.”

STYLE: Theatrical World Dance Fusion

Second class on Sat at 12:15 – 2:15 :)

Class Title: Head to Toe Smooth Sensual Wave: Sexy Liquid Fusion for Boys & Girls

Description: Be complete by embracing your femininity and your masculinity by connecting all your motions with fluidity and sensuality.

We’ll make it flow by utilizing Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid Fusion moves, technique, and character & emotional exploration.

Then we will wind it all up with a short choreography alternating the power of pelvis and elbow hits with delicate, oozy undulations and caressing arm waves… All Is one!

Don’t miss the Thursday night 7:30 – 9pm “Trick Or Treat Meet & Greet”… to meet all the teachers, get some of their goodies…

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