A full week Intensive in Zurich Dec 2012 at ZEOT!

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Anasma is Back in Zurich in Dec 2012! She will be teaching an intensive week of workshops for professionals (during the day time from 2 to 5.30 pm) and open levels in the evening (6.15 to 8.45 pm). All the programming can be reviewed here:
Join us!
Thank you Miriam, Meissoun and ZEOT for making this possible.

Anasma 1 am 26.12.: «Dance on a 3D canvas» Dynamics, Shape, Space and Design

Dancers will be invited to play with creating contrasts in their dance: using different axis, varying of qualities of movement, tempo and speed, explore the link to emotions, changing the weight and texture… etc then creating connections between the different concepts to create dynamism within the dynamics. We will also explore the usage of geometric and organic shapes, inner and outer space, negative space, work on transposition, change planes, perspectives and weight placement, utilize images and icons as a source of inspiration and design as a great source of inspiration for our creations. Based on what is created by the group, we will compose a short piece for the whole group.

Anasma 2 am 27.12.: « Working with the music, for the music, against the music »

This workshop offers a new way of listening to our music and interacting with it. Dancers will explore the decomposition of time and the fragmentation of movement; define and use Middle eastern rhythms to create patterns and associations with multiple body parts; explore melodic and percussive sounds, vocalisations, basics of beatboxing, breathwork applied to sound and movement; alternate between extreme slowness and peaks of speed; create surprising accents and break down measures in unexpected ways; work on pauses and breathing times; work with the music, for the music, against the music…Dancers will also free themselves from the music, as they connect to the natural movement in their body. Through the idea of repetition and evolution, we will leave aside the necessity of rushing into the next movement. We will explore how to let the body lead the brain, how to slow down, and finally come to establishing a communicative unity between the mind, the body and the music. We may use zills so please bring them.

Anasma 3 am 28.12.: Liquid Fusion: Short introduction, Waving Drills and Out of the box Figure Eights

Making Bellydance and Hip Hop meet fluidly in our Liquid fusion, we will connect all our body parts through the waving theory, and layer complex isolations (waving, popping, tutting, floating on one side, hip work, undulation, shimmies… on the other) into one unique dance form. Anasma will first breakdown arm waves, then transform the basics with different directions, speeds and intentions, and transpose them in different body parts: leg, feet, torso, forward , backward, underneath, over… Think and move out of the box, shaking our system, we will review shapes we know in a new way. We will focus on eights. We will drill all the concepts until they become second nature.

Anasma 4 am 29.12.: Hiphop: floorwork, footwork and traveling steps OK

Explore the space! It is time to put it together our body and feet. In this workshop, Dancers will integrate Bellydance travelling steps (turns, grapewines, V step, arabesque…) with Waving, Popping, Tutting, and also incorporate Hip Hop footwork (from legs waves and foot weaving to body waves, zig zag feet, leg tutting, knee circles and rond de jambe, floats, glides with spatial variations etc) to their bellydance hip and torso isolations … We will also Use the floor,develop a new awareness of it and learn how to tame it. Bring your knee pads!

Anasma 5 am 30.12.: Theatrical Bellydance: Connecting to the soul within and Dancing to the lyrics

“Connecting to our entire soul within: embracing the light and make peace with the darkness”: Through a holistic approach of life, Anasma proposes to explore our light and dark sides through the identification of our ideals and our life values. All is one and the light needs shadow. This workshop is about developing self-acceptance, creating balance between what we want and who we are right now, taking a step back to identify our goals while reminding ourselves to be patient, accepting the power of both the bright and the dark sides, using their strengths and transforming them for the better. Going through a short phase of introspection, we will define our goals in life, and identify our general state of mind and current emotions. We will dance our ideals and their shadow. Using different archetypes and personality incarnations, we will see how we can transform both energies into learning if not into strength.

Lyrics: friend or foe?: Many dancers are intimidated to use songs with lyrics. Let us explore what lyies behind this fear and how to overcome and play around it. After listening to instrumental and sung versions of a song, we will analyze its lyrics and discuss the freedom or limitations given by the lyrics. Then we will try out different techniques to help use lyrics, texts, poetry of all languages at your best advantage: following either their rhythm or their general meaning, from literal to abstract interpretations, using gestural movement, pallets of emotions, icons and symbols.

Bring a pen and a notebook. Print out and bring the lyrics of your favorite song as well as your song on Mp3 player with head phones. If you love a poem or a text, also bring it.

ANASMA 6-10: ANASMAS Fun am Abend ab Niveau A/M: Lernt mal etwas Neues kennen!

26.12.: Anasma 6: Liquid Fusion Technique and Drills

The workshop focuses on the abundant creativity that the dynamism Hip Hop elements can bring to the fluidity of Bellydance. We will add Hip Hop dance technique (Waving, Liquid, Popping, Tutting) and concepts (with concepts such as Ticking, Tracing, Locking, Bouncing) to traditional Bellydance vocabulary (isolations, hipwork, layering…). We will drill all the concepts until they become second nature.

27.12.: Anasma 7: Hiphop Stellar Moves

We will review and drill legs waves, foot weaving zig zag feet, knee circles, rond de jambe, floating and gliding technique such as moonwalk, airwalk, side floats… borrowed from the Hip Hop vocabulary, and layer the above with bellyrolls , figure eights and shimmies… till they become more natural ! You will look like you walk and bellydance on clouds… NB: Bring a pair of socks.

28.12.: Anasma 8: Bellydance Technique; Triple Layering and New Moves (ab M!)

Explore Bellydance through the American lenses! : Get an analytical grid and vocabulary to break down and understand the structure of bellydance moves. Our goal is to create complex, mastered and innovative layering in order to compose intricate and interesting combinations, face new challenges and grow.

29.12.: Anasma 9: Salsa Bellydance Fusion

We will use Salsa Bellydance technique, layering salsa footwork to bellydance styling and hip work in order to create a ‘Strong Feminine Woman” character. We will learn a short empowering and fun salsa fusion choreography on the song “First Class Baby” extract from Anasma’s first solo album “Chance is Back”.

30.12.: Anasma 10: Robotic Bellydance

Tired of feelings? Of being human? Turn into a robot! Stops, precision, animation. Dancers will be invited to drill the following HIP HOP techniques (DIME STOPS, POPS & LOCKS, MANNEQUIN, ROBOTIC, ANIMATION) and MIME techniques to create a robotic character. Then they will explore and improvise on these movement concepts. The class will end with combos.

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