Anasma WCD present the 60 min production: “1984…2014” feat. Compagnia Degli Gnomi and the Love Army

Dusseldorf, Germany

Anasma and World Citizen dance present
featuring Compagnia Degli Gnomi and the Love Army
Big Brother Is Looking After

World premiere at the Orientale Festival
Website here

Here’s the official poster for my new stage production, “1984…2014”! I’m really looking forward to the debut in two weeks! I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with some really wonderful people to help bring this vision to life! We’ll also be posting some ways you can help support the project! More details on this and the show coming soon!

There are many I need to thank on this project. WARNING, this is a long list of thank yous (LOL!), but I couldn’t have done this without such a great team both on stage and behind the scenes!

…Compagnia Degli Gnomi, the Love Army Dancers (Alexandra Patricia Wolf, Safiya, Asita, Karanfilia Liza Langer, Judith Hanl, Eva, and my Warrior Sister, Apsara Habiba), Omar Blastermind on the original soundtrack, Lea et Nicolas Features on the video projection, Margaux Rodrigues Photographe on the show photography, and the whole Tanzhaus Dusseldorf team! Thank you Manis and Dorothee for your trust and for having granted my first artistic residence! Very exciting! Looking forward to working with Rudi, and seeing so many of the photographers I love, including Konstanze of and André Elbing! And, thank you to all of the other gifted photographers I’ve worked with, some of these wonderful photos have been incorporated into aspects of the production – Margaux Rodrigues of Big Brother Photography, Joe Marquez, Fabio Torrico, Fernando Naiberg, Andre Elbing, Konstanze Winkler, Andre Bougot, Jocelyne Chaineux and Julia Yakovleva!

Special thanks to Raqsie Bellydance and Jenny Nichols, Chiara Meloni, Pierre, Apsara Habiba, Linda Faoro, Laure Balon, Veronique (Vocal Mania), my mom, Mohamed Saidi, Gerard Tiffay, Catherine Lobrichon, Fred, Marie, Lauren, and Hella for all of their help behind the scenes!

Also need to include Massimo, of course! And, Chiara’s Mom and Titta and her mom!!!

Huge thanks to Centre de danse du Galion for letting me rehearse in their huge space, Centro Danza Perugia and La Calle!

I’m just over joyed to work with so many wonderfully talented people! Thank you again!

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