Help Anasma, WCD and Compagnia Degli Gnomi Kickstart “1984…2014”


Anasma WCD 1984…2014 by Fabio Torrico A59CRCST

Our show had a wonderful and well received debut at the Tanzhaus NRW Orientale 2014 Festival and we are so grateful to everyone who believed in this vision and helped us bring it to the stage! However, we need your help! Your kind and generous donations will go towards compensating the wonderful and talented artists who worked on this project, along with the incredible production staff and will, overall, help us cover some of the larger pre-production and post-production expenses in addition to producing a DVD of the show.

The amount we’re attempting to raise does not fully cover all of the costs associated with this show. Our expenses will be around $25,000 when the project is complete and we’ve established a funding goal of $10,000.

With your help in covering our current expenses associated with the show, we’ll also be able to focus our efforts sooner to bringing this vision to a broader audience. This production has so many artistic elements and celebrates so many different art forms including physical theater, pantomime, bellydance, hip hop and modern dance, singing, De Rose Yoga, and a hint of other ethnic dances, we’d love to introduce new audiences to this inspiring and thought provoking theatrical dance presentation.

I wanted to create a story which addressed some of the deep social and political issues facing our world today, while also balancing it with hope and joy. This show is the evolution of my expressive Theatrical World Dance style. “1984…2014” is a very contemporary vision of our world. It is a warning about our willingness to be observed by Big Brother, our isolating addiction to telephones and “facescreens”, our overpowering media, the inversion of values which makes us question our core values… As much as it paints our numbness and malfunctions of our society,”1984…2014″ is also a show that brings light, hope, love, and strong values to build upon. It is a message of peace. The show is really unique, original. It’s a form of political musical comedy where music and singing meet dance and theater. Think silent movies and Charlie Chaplin meet the king of Pop Michael Jackson. It is a true show about globalization, fusion… and raising ourselves to be free citizens.

Please visit our Kickstarter page to donate. THANK YOU!!

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