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The Hague, Holland May 17, 2014 | | | Directions

On May 17 and 18 LiteSide/Shimmy Shake & Tjarda are hosting Anasma in Holland. She will be teaching some inspiring workshops in Tjarda’s Studio in the Hague. Anasma and Tjarda will also be co-teaching 2 workshops this weekend, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Anasma will also teach a special workshop for beginners. A unique chance to train up your skills with two of the most interesting fusion talents of the moment. Two days of workshops with a dinner and halfa on Saturday night! Places are limited so book early.


Saturday May 17
11.00 – 13.00 hrs Anasma: all levels – CODE A1
“Dive Under The Sea: Water Creatures Stylizations”
Embody the different water creatures: Fierce Shark, Shy Clam, Adaptable Octopus, Sneaky Jellyfish, Laid-Back Starfish , Adventurous Water Turtle, Speedy Crab, Discreet Ray, Aggressive Eel (like a snake), Funny Clown Fish, Heavy Whale, Quiet Seaweed
Movements will include vocabulary from Bellydance, Mime and Theater, Hip Hop (waving, hitting or popping, break dance…), Modern, DeRose Method Yoga… After doing a brief movement research for each creature, we will work with transforming, transposing real life images, gestures and qualities of motion to our dance artistry, as soloists and in groups. Creativity is infinite and inspiration everywhere you look…

13.30 – 15.30 hrs Anasma & Tjarda: all levels – CODE AT1
“Keys For An Expressive Dance: From Literal to Abstract and Vice Versa”
Follow and select what you need from Anasma and Tjarda’s abundant creative and complementary approaches, going from literal to abstract, from theater and mime to dance, and vice versa. Dancers will play with imagery, word, gestures, emotions, character development, and shapes to gain a wider range of tools to express themselves… Many creative possibilities to find one´s own way to develop a meaningful, charismatic and personal piece and performance. Come with an open mind and heart.

16.00 – 17.30 hrs Anasma: Hip-hop Fusion for beginners – CODE A2
“Wave Explosion” 101
Water symbolizes what is flowing, flexible, harmonious and unified. Connect all your body parts by feeling the creative fluidity between your inner and outer movements. All is one. The perception of the self interacting with the World as One makes sense. Play with dynamics, speeds, intentions. From a soft river, turn into the cascade, widen into an ocean, and explode as a tsunami. Presenting her Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid Fusion, Anasma will first breakdown arm waves, then transform the basics with different directions and dynamics. She will then transpose the waving theory to the rest of the body and layer the concept of connectivity to other movement styles and qualities. Dancers will then learn combos across the floor, as well as a choreography created with the flow of inspiration of the moment.

17.30 – 19.00 hrs Dinner by Nadija. Healthy Dancer Food – Soup and Salad (vegetarian)

20.00 – 22.00 hrs Hafla

Sunday May 18
12.00 – 14.00 hrs Anasma & Tjarda: all levels – CODE AT2
“The Feet: The Base of It All”
Anasma and Tjarda present an exploration of the technical, emotional and creative capacities of the feet. They carry us wherever we go, whenever we dance. On a technical and physical level, we will discover the foot’s range of movement and flexibility. We will develop further awareness of the role of the feet in the globality of the body, and the relationship of the foot with the ground, against the ground. After reviewing some basic ballet/ contemporary positions and giving academic names to postures, we explore exercises to use the feet in space safely and creatively. We will set foot patterns, eventually borrowed from multiple dance styles (tango, salsa… fast and slow foot work) to challenge ourselves by adding layers to the upper body, and create story and characters with our feet. This workshop will change your mindset and your “footset”!

14.30 – 16.30 hrs Anasma solo: all levels – CODE A3
“MJJ’s Shimmies and Moonwalks”
Have you always wanted to know how to Moonwalk? Let’s keep a part of Michael Jackson alive, with a bellydance flair. Learn some floats and glides borrowed from the Hip Hop vocabulary (moonwalk, airwalk, side floats…) and how to layer them to bellyrolls , figure eights and shimmies… You will look like you walk and bellydance on clouds… Recommendation: bring your granola bars.


1 workshop beginner: € 25
1 workshop: € 35
2 workshops: € 65
3 workshops: € 95
4 workshops: € 110
5 workshops: € 125

€ 7,50. Register upfront, payment in cash on the day itself.

The entrance for the hafla will be based on DONATION and BYO (Bring Your Own) snacks and drinks.
Performances by Anasma, Tjarda and more to be announced soon.

To be made to: St. NECC NL90 INGB 0001 844698 clearly stating the code(s) of your workshop choice(s). (NO REFUNDS)


For workshops
Send an email to register for the workshops.

For hafla and dinner
Send an email to to register for a performance or as a guest. Also pre-register for the dinner, so our caterer knows how much food to bring. Only dancers who participate in the workshops are eligible to perform at the hafla. No guarantees. Line-up will be based on diversity.

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