“Urban Jungle Dance Project” in Zurich, at Zeot – 6 intensive week-ends & a performance

Zurich, Switzerland | Directions

We are launching a choreographic dance project in Zurich at ZEOT over 6 week-ends from July 2015 to Jan 2016 resulting in a 30-40 minutes performance involving the participants! Each week-end will comprise of 12 hours of workshops (technique/ choreography/staging/ creation and exploration). The theme is “Urban Jungle”…Water world, Flying creatures, Earth animals, Reptiles and insects, Animal/Humans… Loads of fun and challenges, I can guarantee! Sign up now with Alia Mckenzie-Murdoch and Simone Kick here:


1. 24/25 July
2. 22/23 August
3. 26/27 Sept
4. 24/25 Oct
5. 5/6 Dec
6. 9/10 Jan

Rehearsal / Show. 13-14 Feb

Dancers have to sign up for the whole project – if dancers miss a workshop, they don’t perform in the corresponding part of the show.

WEEK END ONE : Water World
Imagery: cascades, rivers and tsunamis…
Animals and creatures: fish, shark, clam, oyster, jellyfish, octopus, mermaids, seal, whale, dolphin, seaweed, Pyrana, Clown fish, Moon fish, Turtle

WEEK END TWO- Flying creatures
Inspired by birds: eagle, chicken, howl, pigeon, peacock, egg, Squirrel …
Insects : ladybird, fly, bee…

WEEK END THREE and FOUR : review, complete week-ends 1 and 2 Plus introduce and create Earth animals
Inspired by Girafe, Elephant, Suricat, Horse, Mouse, Monkey, Cat, Tiger, Dog, Rabbit, Sloth, Panda, Cow, Camel

WEEK END FIVE – Reptiles and insects
Inspired by Worm, Snakes, Scorpio, Cameleon, Anaconda, Spider, Lizard, Bedbugs, Frogs

WEEK END SIX human/ animals & Urban Jungle

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