Anasma Rules Intensive in Madrid


Jan 8-9, 2017 :  ANASMA RULES INTENSIVE in Madrid : Workshops & Jam in Madrid, Spain. Presented by Hamsaya.

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ANASMA RULES – Madrid 7/8 January 2017
10 Hours Workshop + Tribal Jam

We are very happy to announce that Anasma will be our guest in Madrid for a full weekend of workshops where we will enjoy
professionalism and teachings.
We’ve prepared 5 workshops, 2 hours each.
In these sessions we will see how to fusion tribal and oriental dance from different approaches while training in other dances techniques, using a lot of creativity and proper technique.
Each workshop is unique but related so that every dancer may obtain new tools to work and create.
At the end of the weekend we will have some group time (Tribal Jam grin emoticon ) where we will be able to practice all the things we’ve learned during the weekend and have some fun!

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** Workshop 1 (2 hours) – LATIN FLAVOR **
SATURDAY 7 OF JANUARY – 10:00 – 12:00
Musicality, footwork and layering technique.
We will bring a fiery explosive Latin flavor to our sensual soft and suave bellydance. By listening to the music differently, dancers will create a new rhythmic frame to the sound of the clave. Dancers will comprehend Bellydance with a Salsa vocabulary and
Discover exciting footwork to enrich their range of motion and offer them new challenges for layering.
After working on the Latin rythms and methods of counting, and the basic steps of different latin dances (salsa, bachata, meringue, chachacha…) dancers will learn some basic salsa posture, attitude, footwork and combinations. To these, we will layer bellydance hip work and styling.
Fun drills and combinations or short choreography.

** Workshop 2 (2 hours) – Popping Bellydance Liquid fusion: Drills and Circles **
SATURDAY 7 OF JANUARY – 12:30 – 14:30
Anasma’s Liquid Fusion was born from the abundant creativity that the dynamism of Popping technique (waving, hitting, tutting,floating) can bring to the fluidity and isolations and layering of Bellydance. The style has now grown with influences of Modern Jazz,Contemporary and Yoga added to the mix. Repeat enough times that the body digest and remembers… Our muscle memory willkick in the day to need to improvise! Then we share, play and exchange in a dance circle.

** Workshop 3 (2 hours) – SENSUAL WAVE – Sexy liquid fusion for ladies and gentlemen ***
SATURDAY 7 OF JANUARY – 15:30 – 17:30
Be complete : embracing your femininity and your masculinity by connecting all your motions withfluidity and sensuality. Gaining from each gender’s way of moving, typical gestures, centers of gravity,postures, make it all flow: alternating the power of the pelvis and elbow hits with delicate oozyundulations and caressing arm waves…
After a physical warm up, we will explore sending a masculine and a feminine wave in our bodies and each body part as we walk down the run, pause for the cover of a Vogue magazine. We will explore sensual stereotypes and their opposites: a cop, a life guard versus an old lady and a little boy,Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson versus Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monson…, the sexy shy guy versus the macho man, the secretary, the Top Model… To finish the class, dancers will do exercises about relationships of all ages, all genders: mother and son, sisters, husband and wife newly wed, the old couple…

** Workshop 4 (2 hours) – BECAUSE CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS: Salsa popping bellydance fusion
SUNDAY 8 OF JANUARY – 10:00 – 12:00
What if put all three in the stew!?
In this workshop we will use what we’ve learnt on the previous workshops working with Salsa footwork, Bellydance hips and Popping arms.
Challenging layers head!

SUNDAY 8 OF JANUARY – 12:30 – 14:30
Techniques to gain self confidence to improve on the fly…
In order to freestyle, we will first get to a place inside of our bodies and connected to our minds and spirits. Using some clowning, and mime exercise, to accept the present moment, outer situations, we will experiment flying without fishnet. This class shares some keys to improvise with confidence and truly freestyle, forgetting about how we look, what we think they think. Letting yourself carried by the flow you set, getting warm by the fire place, once the first flame has been ignited. Discover how to use some choreographic tools to improvise as well and take out the drama and scare of letting go. Accept what comes now, be here with yourself and with others.

********************* TRIBAL JAM ************************
SUNDAY 8 OF JANUARY – 15:30 – 17:30

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