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Anasma intends to create a personal inventive movement vocabulary, based on her research about various original dance forms. Anasma uses dancing, performing, and teaching as a way to grow as a better person; stronger with each practice, ambitious yet realistic with her projects; patient, forgiving and loving with herself and with others.
“The truth is within us already. It is just a matter of revealing it to the light.”

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Anasma Vuong is a Versatile Artist : Creator, Globe trotter, Entrepreneur…. Choreographer, Performer, Teacher with Directing and singing experience. She has performed in several companies: Oriental Dance, Modern Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Theater… Pionneer of Experimental oriental fusion and dance theater, she has been invited over 40 countries, featured on multiple DVDs and Cds since 2006. Her degrees include : E.A.T in Contemporary Dance, Ashtanga Vinyasa RYT-200 recognized by the Yoga Alliance, Fly Yoga teacher training, Edhec Business School of Management. Founder of de World Citizen Dance School & Productions, she has produced and directed various shows and projects («1984…Now»…), Co-director: New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference & International Urban Bellydance Collective. She released her first album as a singer and song writer («Chance is back» on iTunes, « ocean Elevation » music video…). To get the latest updates, join Anasma on her Facebook page, instagram and youtube channel.

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Biographie Courte en Français

Artiste polyvalente, entrepreneur, à la créativité débordante, Anasma aime apprendre et partager. Professeur certifiée d’Ashtanga et Fly Yoga, détentrice d’un EAT Contemporain, Anasma est professeur de yoga-danse. Véritable citoyenne du monde, au parcours éclectique, elle est en tournée constante pour se produire et enseigner dans les festivals et écoles de danse Orientale Fusion dans plus de 40 pays, ainsi qu’avec des publics différents: écoles de yoga, de danse, de pole danse, conservatoires, facultés d’art, entreprises, acteurs… En tant que danseuse- interprète, elle travaille avec plusieurs chorégraphes (Dominique Lesdema -Modern, Compagnia Degli Gnomi –théâtre physique, Kimson Na Sellu – Hip Hop, IUBC -Oriental Fusion). Chanteuse-auteur et interprète, elle produit un album musical « Chance is Back » et clip vidéo “Ocean Elévation”. Elle chorégraphie plusieurs spectacles dont « 1984…Now », « Urban Jungle » et collabore régulièrement avec Piny Orchidaceae, Arnaldo Iasorli, Tjarda Van Straten, Linda Faoro.

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Seen in more than 35 countries, and all five continents, featured in many performance DVDs, instructional DVDs and a CD (“Bellydance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion,” “Wave Explosion,” “Bellydance Experience,” “Bellydance NYC: the Ultimate Fusion Experience,” “Fantasy Bellydance,” “Tarot Bellydance,” and “40 days and 1001 Nights,”Pete List’s album “Songs for Kassar,” and her own first singing album “Chance is Back”, « 1984…2014 Original soundtrack ») Anasma is a multi-facetted and versatile artist: artistic director , producer, choreographer, dancer, Oriental Fusion master teacher, singer and song writer.

Half Tunisian and half Vietnamese, having lived in Paris, New York City, India, the World Citizen was naturally drawn to mixing art forms to express who she is in her Art. Drawing from her cross-training in multiple arts forms (Acting, Pantomime, Yoga, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Oriental Dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Martial Arts…), Anasma is known for her avant-garde creativity, aesthetic powerful body language and her capacity to tell stories and to touch the public. Always learning, researching, she constantly intents to push the envelope while sharing her discoveries with generous pedagogy in a playful, self-accepting empowering atmosphere.

Dancing since a young age, traveling to dance with semi-pro compagnies, appearing on TVs shows and concerts, Anasma chooses to persue her passion for Dance and Arts after obtaining a Business management degree from the EDHEC business school in 2006. That year, she joins the professional dance company revered in the Bellydance world -Bellyqueen, as one of their principal dancers. She trains, teaches and tours with them. In 2008, she founds her own project with co-director Ranya Renee : the Theatrical Bellydance Project, producing events promoting the encounter between theater techniques and dance. Many large scale New York Theatrical Bellydance Conferences take place in Manhattan as well as other intensives around the world (Paris, Japan, Sweden). In 2009, Anasma starts her solo career. Since then, she has been touring Europe, North and South America and Asia to teach and perform in dance festivals, dance schools intensives and prestigious theaters.
In 2010, Anasma creates World Citizen Dance, her production company that will later on create shows, Cds, DVDs. She directs her first interactive show “On your Marks, Get set, Dance!”/ “Avanti, Danziamo!”/”A vos boitiers, prets, dansez!” presented in Paris, NYC, Rome and Milan, where the audience suggests themes for the performers to improvise to. In 2011, she is awarded for the Most Creative Solo by the SUA Artists. In 2012, she launches the Anasma World Citizen Dance School collaborating with Linda Faoro’s Travelling Dance School, with weekly Master Classes and week-end intensives « Gates to Fusion » in Paris. In 2012, she writes, sings and recordes her first album “Chance is Back,” composed by Blastermind and stars in her first music video in Hawaii “Ocean Elevation,” directed and shot by Lea and Nico Features. The album and the music video are both released in 2013. That year, she founds with Linda Faoro the International Urban Bellydance Collective gathering artists to create unique choreographies and collaborations. In 2014, Anasma produces and directs the hour long Dance Theater show «1984…Now», inspired by George Orwell, with original soundtrack.
In 2015, obtains from the Ashtanga Yoga Paris school her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Certification, recognized by the Yoga Alliance, as well as a Fly Yoga certification. After a year of professional dance training in Contemporary, Modern Jazz and Modern, she obtains her EAT degree in Contemporary dance. She currently performs with Dominique Lesdema dance company, the theater company Compagnia Degli Gnomi and projects with Gaelle Gillieron and Kimson Sellu (of Wanted Posse). In Paris, she teaches weekly classes for yogis, dancers, movers in general, in prestigious schools (Fly Yoga studio, Studio Harmonic and LAX Studio). She also launches her Corporate workshops projects “So Happy At Work”.

Anasma regularly collaborates with Linda Faoro, Tjarda Van Straten, Compagnia Degli Gnomi, Piny Orchidaceae, Zoe Anwar, Pete List, Hilde Cannoodt, Marco Meneses Obellixx, Arnaldo Iasorli, Karima El Amrani, Yohann Guichard Acro Yoga France…

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