Big Brother is watching Caen! Résidence artistique Juillet 2017 – Anasma Compagnia Degli Gnomi et Blandine Smoky Eyes

SEMAINE INTENSIVE D’ATELIERS & PERFORMANCE DANSE -THEATRE CORPOREL A CAEN DU MARDI 11/07 AU LUNDI 17/07/2017 EN PARTENARIAT AVEC LA MJC CHEMIN VERT/LE SILLON et le MUSEE DES BEAUX ARTS DE CAEN Inscription en ligne LE SUJET DES ATELIERS : Création Chorégraphique Recherche et Discussions, Mise en Scène … en vue d’un Rendu de Travail et Performance au Musée des Beaux Arts de Caen! INSPIRATIONS le chef d’oeuvre littéraire “1984” de George Orwell les peintures de Desgrandchamps écriture corporelle basée sur le geste dansé et le théâtre physique THEMATIQUES Utopies,... Read More


Anasma at Gates to Fusion Paris Intensive 2016

4 workshops ! with Anasma and masters: Piny Orchidaceae, Dominique Lesdema, Arnaldo Iasorli, Linda Faoro. Sign up now!!!


LES SIX SENS weeklong intensive with ANASMA in Singapore

Workshops weeklong ! Show Group choreography and performance coaching! Concert! Semaine intensive de Master Class, création chorégraphique et spectacle en Oriental Fusion Concert! Singapore Singapour Organised by Cee Kanake


“Dance Master Class Topics for all dancers and movers ” are now online!

Check out the list of offerings by Anasma World Citizen Dance School… For dancers of all styles! Info here ANASMA WORKSHOP TOPICS FOR DANCERS JUNE 2015 PEDAGOGIC GOALS : Technique, Corporal precision Versatility, Openmindedness, Inter Cultural Exchange Creativity, Playfulness, Body awareness : Center, Breathing, Balance, Strength, Flexibility Well Being, Self-Expression, Personnal Development, Relaxation Expression, Projection, Theatricality Team Spirit, team building, Trust, communication TECHNIQUES/ TOOLS I USE AS A TEACHER: Ethnic Dances Academic Dances Urban Dances Compositional theories Theater, Dance-Theater Yoga, Yoga-dance Singing Partner work, acro, body balancing STRUCTURE OF THE... Read More


So Happy at Work! Well-being workshops for enhanced productivity with Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate

Anasma offers private classes and coaching Anasma is available for one-on-one classes and small group privates in paris or while she is traveling around the globe. Perfect your skills on any topic… while getting full attention and corrections… technique, performance, creative process, choreography… In person: At anasma’s home studio or at your studio: Rental and transportation fees must be added to the class fee. Online : through skype, as well as Video reviews Rates, Bookings : Contact:


Anasma is now proudly a member of Compagnia Degli Gnomi

Anasma is now proudly a member of the Italian theater company: Compagnia Degli Gnomi , founded by Chiara Meloni and Massimo Capuano.


So Happy at Work! Well-being workshops for enhanced productivity with Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate

Well-being and enhanced productivity! with Dance, Theater, Pantomime, Singing, Yoga, Massage… workshops with World Class Artists. CREATIVITY |SELF EXPRESSION| CHARISMA| EMOTION | STRESS RELIEF | WELL BEING | CONCENTRATION | DIALOGUE | SHARING | TEAM SPIRIT| LEADERSHIP Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate offers  Incentive & Teambuilding workshops catering to the needs of your company… on a punctual basis ( as during your conventions and seminars…), or on an on-going basis (every semester, trimester, monthly, weekly…).


Anasma gets her teacher certification in Ashtanga Yoga & EAT in Contemporary Dance

After getting her 200 Hours Yoga teacher certification, recognized internationally by the Yoga Alliance, Anasma obtains the E.A.T degree in Contemporary Dance. Time to celebrate!


New Trailer and Dossier for “1984…Now”!

Updates on 1984…Now! Check out our new trailer and dossier on the website


Anasma in now part of the Italian Theater company: Compagnia Degli Gnomi!

Anasma is now proudly a member of the Italian theater company: Compagnia Degli Gnomi , founded by Chiara Meloni and Massimo Capuano.


Anasma and Karima teach Yoga, Dance, Wellbeing at Be-Coworking May June 2015

Anasma et Karima vous accueillent en mai et juin 2015 au magnifique espace BE-Coworking pour le lancement de leurs cours hebdomadaires. Visit


Three new articles online about Anasma, “Chance Is Back” and “1984…2014”!

“I am my own big brother” article / interview by Marcel Bieger on Hagalla “Chance is Back” reviewed by Konstanze Wrinkler of Hagalla Interview by Melanie Mazard about “Chance is Back” in a Woman Music Web Magazine Les Autres Mondes


Compagnia degli Gnomi & Anasma – “In Chrysallis”

Read the article about the show, by Fabio Torrico here.


Interview with Nadira Jamal on her Bellydance Geek Clubhouse radio show

Lots of fun talking with Nadira Jamal on her Bellydance Geek Clubhouse radio show with my theatrical partner in crime Ranya Renee! You can listen to the podcast here:


Interview by the web magazine: C’est Comme Ca Qu’on Danse

Read Anasma’s interview in French by the magazine C’est Comme Ca Qu’on Danse here


Anasma Interviewed in Spanish by Noticias Nur- Chile – May 2012

Anasma en Chile – Mayo 2012 – Interview by Noticias Nur Watch the interview in Spanish here Interview by: Noticias Nur


Some of my artistic influences: DeRose Method

DeRose Method influenced Anasma The DeRose Method is a combination of concepts and techniques originated from ancient cultural traditions. Or in a more expanded form: The DeRose Method is a lifestyle proposal focusing on good quality of life, fulfilling human relationships, culture, good dietary habits and optimal health. Some of the tools used are breathing re-education, stress management, and body techniques to improve muscular tone and flexibility, as well as other techniques utilized to achieve emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of these tools ultimately aim to increase consciousness and self-awareness. The following... Read More


Anasma Awarded by the Unique Arts Awards for “Most creative solo performance”

Anasma Awarded by the Unique Arts Awards 2011 for "Most creative solo performance"

Anasma received the 2011 Unique Arts Award for “Most creative solo performance.” Anasma is blessed and honored to have received an award from the Society of Unique Arts. A big thank you Rudi Von Knapp for helping with the video! The performance was extracted from the piece “A Bad Dream” presented at the Oriental Tanz Festival in Dusseldorf in March 2011. Thank you to Dorothee, Manis and the Oriental Tanz Festival for making this footage available! !


Anasma, Ranya Renee and Raqsie on WFMU radio for the Theatrical Bellydance Conference

It was an honor and lot of fun to be aired on WFMU, on the Transpacific Sound Paradise Show, hosted by Rob Weisberg! Thank you Rob and Raqsie for making this possible. You can listen to the show here from Saturday evening alongside Ranya Renee, Co-Director of the Theatrical Bellydance Conference, and Raqsie, our Communications Director: listen here More press at


Announcing the NEW!

Hi Everyone! This Brian Feister (of DreamStar Studios), and while I’m not the author of the content that you’re hoping to read (that is, all exciting updates about Anasma and her touring schedule and updates from the road), I did all of the creative, graphic, coding, and other technical work that has gone into this website. One of my favorite aspects of this project has been the unique visual treatment that we gave to each individual page. Each one features a different background image which was manipulated “by hand” in... Read More

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