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Anasma’s first music video! “Ocean Elevation”

Repertoire Pieces

Get all the info about the repertoire here.

“Love Soldier”

“Love Soldier” -Live song “Velvet gloves” and Choregraphy “Love Soldier” – at the Solaris Festival, St Petersburg, April 2013

“Mujer Fatal Time Machine”

“Mujer Fatal Time Machine” in Dusseldorf

“Tribute to my people”

“Tribute to my Father” on Slovenian National Television – Maribor

And also:
“Tribute to my Father” at the Institut du Monde Arabe – Paris
“Exile” at Galapagos
The”Tribute to my father” Performance can be seen in a group version called “Inside” staged by Chimel Laurence Cohen on the “Bellydance NYC” DVD.



“Water World Cycle”

Excerpts from “Water” in the Wave Explosion DVD trailer
The “Water cycle” performance is only visible in its entire version on the “WAVE EXPLOSION” DVD.

“Chameleon evolution”

“Chameleon Evolution”

Anasma Improvising to Live Music

“ANASMA improvises at DROM June2016 with Scott Wilson band – NYTBC 2016”

ANASMA improvises at DROM June2016 with Scott Wilson band – (with NYTBC 2016 )

Click on the photo to view the video:
Anasma_Pete List - VOODOO (21)

“Anasma and Pete List”

“Flutterby and Audience Drum Solo” – Anasma and Pete List ” in Bellyfusions 2013 Paris

“Solving you” Anasma andPete List , in Tribal Solstice Festival 2013, Florida, USA

Anasma improvising with the audience suggestions: Interactive Improvisations

Collaborative projects

Anasma around the world

World Citizen Dance Productions

“Ocean Elevation” Music Video

First Music video by Anasma, recorded in Hawaii.

Lead voice, backup vocals, song writer, Dancers, Choreographer: Anasma

Composer, Mixing, Mastering : Blastermind

Producer and Executive producer: Anasma and World Citizen Dance

Director of the music video, Script: Lea Amiel
Director of photography, Filming: Nicolas Libersalle

Video Editors: Lea Amiel & Nicolas Libersalle

Graphics: Christian Belala

On site guide and photographer: Joe Marquez

“On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance!”

“Avanti, Danziamo!” Roma 2010 , presented by San Lo and Anasma

And Also:

“A vos Boitiers, Prêts, Dansez!” Paris 2009


Instructional DVDs

Purchase your autographed copy of “Introduction to Bellydance-Hip Hop Liquid Fusion ” here.

Purchase your autographed copy of “Wave Explosion” here.

Performance DVDs

“The Other Prince Charming” and "Prayer to the Moon" performances are only visible in their entire version on the “Fantasy Bellydance” DVD.

“Tarot Fantasy Bellydance” available here.

Watch the Video
“The Beauty and the Beast ” Performance can be seen featured on the “Bellyqueen Experience” DVD produced by HMC. Purchase your autographed copy here.

“Bellydance NYC: The Ultimate Fusion Experience” DVD here.

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