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Anasma Belly Dance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion DVD Image Anasma Bellydance Hip Hop Wave Explosion 2 DVD Set


“Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion”
2-DVD Set

Anasma Belly Dance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion DVD Image“Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion” 2-DVD set blends bellydance with the standing forms of hip-hop, exploring the techniques and the aesthetics of both dance forms. Bellydance movement is highly controlled and internally focused, while hip-hop brings to the mix an explosive external energy. Both bellydance and hip-hop share a strong emphasis on isolation. That makes them perfect ingredients for an organic, fun, and edgy fusion.

Anasma breaks down the core dance vocabulary of bellydance and hip-hop, pointing out similarities and differences in the moves they share. She traces the origins of moves popular in tribal fusion Bellydance, which borrows much of its vocabulary and styling from hip-hop. Anasma provides original stylistic context for many tribal fusion elements such as popping, locking and strobing, hip-H\hop influenced upper body moves like cobra chest circles and sidewinders, hip-hop -style body and arm waves, liquid-style arm patterns, zigzag side floats, and other moves.

Three main sections:

  • Bellydance >> Hip-Hop – instruction and drills
  • Hip-Hop >> Bellydance – instruction and drills
  • Choreography and choreography drills

In the Bellydance >> Hip-Hop section Anasma explores bellydance core techniques and main movement trajectories, such as lines, circles, figure-eights and shimmies, and infuses them with hip-hop styling by adding the geometry of hip-hop moves and the spatial awareness of hip-hop.

In the Hip-Hop >> Bellydance section, Anasma breaks down hip-hop isolation techniques and explores such hip-hop subgenres as waving, liquid, popping, dimestopping & strobing, mannequin, tutting, glides/floating, and side floats, and shows you how they blend with the bellydance vocabulary.

Anasma also performs the choreography as well as two structured improvisations demonstrating how you can take the Bellydance Hip-Hop Fusion techniques presented in the program to a new level with storytelling.

A special section of Anasma’s program offers a thorough warm-up and strength-building workout.
Have fun discovering new ways to layer and mix hip-hop and bellydance. Explore and create!

“Bellydance Hip-Hop: WAVE EXPLOSION”
2-DVD Set

Anasma Bellydance Hip Hop Wave Explosion 2 DVD SetIn the “Wave Explosion” instructional program, you will explore the Liquid Fusion style, blending Bellydance and Hip-Hop with a special emphasis on Waving. Anasma’s Bellydance-Hip-Hop fusion is seamless, striking, and flowing.

Anasma breaks down new movement concepts and performs Liquid Fusion drills using the idea of continuous movement flow. This format will help you commit these new techniques to your muscle memory, and it will also improve your strength and muscle control. It will give you key tools for understanding and increasing your body awareness by exploring unexpected dimensions.

Whether your first love is Bellydance or Hip-Hop, Anasma invites you to expand your dance vocabulary and enrich your style through Bellydance Hip-Hop Fusion.

If you study and perform Tribal Fusion Bellydance, you know that it borrows extensively from the techniques of Hip-Hop, such as Waving, Popping, Locking and Gliding or Floating. Our “Wave Explosion” program will give you more ideas for finding and enriching your own style within Tribal Fusion.

If you are a popper, from a beginner to an advanced dancer, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge of hip and torso isolations used in bellydance. Adding these fusion elements to your dance will propel you ahead both technically and in terms of developing your own signature style.

The key to the “Liquid Style” fusion is layering isolations borrowed from both dance forms, Bellydance and Hip-Hop. A lot of intense drilling will make this dance blend natural to your body.

Part One of our program will consist of non-stop drills gradually building sequences of Bellydance and Hip-Hop moves into smooth combinations where both dance styles are fully integrated. Our combinations will fall into a choreography, so you will be able to see and enjoy one example of the full aesthetic potential of the Liquid Fusion style.

Anasma will offer you simpler and then more advanced layers of moves to make sure that our combinations are adaptable to different skill levels. We’ll add one section at a time, drill it, and then review our whole choreography from the top.

Part Two of this program is an in-depth Tutorial Section, Future, amazing trend-setting artist and hip-hop instructor will teach the philosophy, concepts and techniques of Hip-Hop Waving. Through his groundbreaking work, Future has set the standard and developed Waving Theory to a very advanced level.

Interpreting movement under the angle of Waving, Anasma combines Bellydance isolations and shapes, such as circles, figure eights, twists, with other movement styles within the Hip-Hop genre of Popping: Hitting,Dime-Stopping, Locking and Tutting.

The Tutorial Section has its own drills and combinations.

In a special performance section, Anasma dances a choreography where energy flows through her body continuously. In a structured improvisation, she transforms from ice into water into rain and a thunder storm.

Future and Megatron “freestyle.” Water: Future transforms into stream, river, cascading falls, ocean, tsunami. Wind: Future is the breeze and the tornado. Megatron plays with Flexing, Tutting and Waving techniques showing how the energy flow is continued or discontinued on purpose and caught back in unexpected ways.

The fusion of Bellydance and Hip-Hop is a reflection of the global nature of today’s art world, where the traditional meets the modern, the ethnic meets the urban.

What is the difference between “Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion” DVD and “Wave Explosion”?

“Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion” introduces the fusion concepts that Anasma uses with both Bellydance and Hip-Hop styles. It is a practice partner and tool to use over and over. Its generous format contains 4 hours of material: technique breakdown, drilling combos, a full choreography (as well as three performances). You learn the combos from the choreography throughout the technical breakdown. The 2- DVD set is meant to be used by dancers from advanced beginner level to advanced. If you are new to Bellydance or to Hip-Hop, this will challenge your memory but give you a good base to develop body awareness and play with your weight shifst. If you are an advanced dancer (specialized in Raqs Sharqi or in Tribal fusion), you will also be challenged… by the change of habits, weight shift and complex and unusual layering. If you come from a Hip-Hop background, you will learn the basics of bellydance and add fluidity to your moves.

“Wave Explosion” uses the fusion concepts introduced in “Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion” and layers on top of all of them the concept of “waving.” The idea of wave theory is to keep the flow of your movements continuous and always know where the energy is and where it is going. The DVD consists of two sections: drills building up to a choreography, and a tutorial. The tutorial section features the Zen Chi Master Future: one of the major figures and innovators of waving, and Anasma’s dear teacher. The tutorials go over different styles of arms and body waves and take the basic moves introduced in “Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion” further, incorporating waving technique. The DVD also includes five different performances by Anasma, Future and Megatron.

Where can I buy DVDs featuring Anasma?

Please visit Anasma’s store online. By purchasing the DVD’s from Anasma’s store, you can support Anasma directly. As a thank-you, you’ll receive an autographed copy (please indicate the name you would like Anasma to sign to), and the choreography in text form (either in French or in English).

You can also purchase DVDs from Anasma during workshops. This way, you avoid shipping cost, get your DVD autographed and meet Anasma in person.

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