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Private and semi-private classes are ideal for dancers who need the extra coaching and specific attention. Individual instruction with a master teacher will dramatically speed up your learning. Private classes are appropriate for all levels of dancers from absolute beginner to professional. Anasma customizes the class to your needs (pace, level, corrections, answering any questions you may have as a dancer or as a teacher) and coaches you for choreography and performance (creating original choreographies, staging your pieces…). Anasma is available for private classes in Paris, NYC from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm and also while she is on tour.
There are many possible topics we can focus on to become better dancers:

  • Developing a new style within specific the styles developed by Anasma: see the list of styles here (link to the list)
  • Getting a new inspiration, broadening movement and music concepts: oriental rhythms, quality of movement, transitions, music interpretation, movement theory, out –of-the box thinking
  • Improving your technical skills: isolations (abdominal work, footwork, arm work)/ coordination/ layering, lines, floorwork. Props: fans, zills.
  • Dance conditioning: Muscle strengthening, tone and control, Posture and alignment, flexibility and stretching, safe and adapted warm up and cool down.
  • Coaching and Theatrical work: connecting to your emotions, developing a character, developing a storyline, dramatic expression, projecting and connecting to the audience, performance critique, creating your own solo, choreography critique, music selection and efficient staging. Anasma can also do video critique for long distance students.
  • Choreographing: original choreography commission, assistance with creating your sections of your choreography

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