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Workshops are the place to get new content and challenging moves. The class presents a technique and approach that are innovative. Workshops are usually for dancers who have at least one year of dance experience. Their pace is relatively fast, but Anasma adapts her content to each audience. Dancers with an advance beginner or intermediate level in Bellydance will be challenged by the technical aspect. Advanced dancers will be challenged by memorisation and changing their partners of movement.

Workshops are exceptional (once or twice a year in certain cities/ countries, sometimes it is once every two year…). They last from 1h30 to 4 hours. If contents (technique or concepts) may be repeated from a year to the other, the combinations change all the time, for Anasma creates them on the spot. What you get in each class is as exclusive as possible. You may take twice the same topic but learn very different things. Trust Anasma that when she repeats elements, it is purposeful and desired by her.

List of Workshops

  • Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid fusion
  • Belly break yoga dance
  • Theatrical bellydance
  • Oriental dance (Raqs Sharqi and American Bellydance , and Props: fans, zills 101, veils 101)
  • Wushu Bellydance
  • Salsa Bellydance

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Read more about Anasma’s teaching philosophy on the About Classes page.

Anasma WCD et Linda Faoro's TDS- for internet 4 WEEK-END INTENSIVES

Paris workshop series 2012-2013 with Anasma and Linda Faoro!

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