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About World Citizen Dance

World Citizen Dance (WCD) is a production company founded by Anasma in 2010.
The mission of WCD is to produce high quality international artists, shows, workshops, videos, and merchandising. WCD is a global, powerful, diversified and top quality brand.

Mission and vision

● Promote high standards of artistry and all forms of performing arts: including dance, theater, mime, singing, film making, and more.
● Promote cultural exchange, open-mindedness, and self discovery.
● Promote well-being, healthy life-styles, encourage dreams, provide inspiration and hope, and help awaken consciousness in individuals. Improve lives through art.
● Connect artists, students and audiences from around the world.

World Citizen Dance Current productions

Anasma’s World Citizen Dance School

Read everything about the international offerings and Paris Program: here.

AWCDSchool by Anasma black on white

Anasma’s first singing Album “Chance Is Back”

Anasma's first album "Chance is Back" - Cover Image
More information here.

Anasma’s first music video “Ocean Elevation”

COMING OUT SOON! Stay tuned and join Anasma’s Youtube channel.
Anasma shooting Ocean elevation 1. Beautiful Lanikai sunrise in a cold Pacific Ocean water

The Show “1984…2014”


“1984…2014” proposes to take a step back from the world we live in with touches of humor, romanticism, realism and optimism… Big Brother is watching us from his Telescreen. We are willingly letting ourselves be observed, surrounded by security cameras, erasing the separation between private and public life with social networks, tracked by electronic transactions, permanently distracted by the fake reality TV shows and smart phones that progressively replace human interactions…
Our exit strategy for freedom lies in learning the rules of the system to break them better and more discreetly, building community, developing autonomy, educating ourselves, claiming our intellectual curiosity and integrity, cultivating love and hope.
Follow Anasma -the “Dancing Storyteller”- and Chiara and Massimo of la Compagnia Degli Gnomi in this adventure loosely adapted from George Orwell’s master work 1984 and from Anasma’s solo dance work since 2006. We will take the spectator between fiction and reality, in a space where live performance meets multimedia and where world dances meet physical theater, silent movies, mime and singing.



A Fallen Angel defies God as he finds the Box of Secrets containing the Seven Sins and all that is evil. Chased from Heaven, he endeavors to take his revenge by spreading evil and reversed values on Earth. Thus, he transforms God’s Earthly Creation into to the world of “Europia 2014,” constantly observed and oppressed by his vassal Big Brother.
2014. Europia. Like every single citizen of the continent, being surrounded and spied on through each screen, closely controlled by Thought Police, Winston and Julia lead robotic lives without freedom of thought, without pleasure, without joy, without trust, without questioning. Exchanges between citizens are minimal. Sexual acts are reserved to married couples and purely reproductive. Babies are raised by the Party and as they grow up, children are encouraged to snitch on their parents if they are suspected of Thought Crime. The Family is destroyed. The Individual is destroyed. The Community is destroyed. “War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength.” During Hate Week, citizens are taught to hate the Party’s biggest enemy and betrayer: G-LoveStein.


Deep inside, Winston thinks differently. He senses that something is wrong in his world. He questions the integrity of Big Brother’s good intentions for the Party members. He dreams of escaping, of having a different life. One day, he meets Julia, another Rebel.


Breaking all the rules, they meet secretly, practicing sensual activism, buying goods on the black market, and fostering rebellious thoughts by reading books and watching movies forbidden by the Party. Times pass and they learn to trust and love each other. One day, Winston and Julia get caught by the Thought Police. They are imprisoned, tortured and brainwashed.

…No !!! This show is about hope for a better today and tomorrow! Rewind! One day, Windston and Julia go and meet secretly with G-LoveStein, the Soldier of Love.




Coming Soon!

“Animal City Show”

Read everything about the show here:

Past World Citizen Dance Events

Nov 2009

Anasma produces « A vos Marques, Prets, Partez! » in Paris with the help of Art’Influences. Cast includes Linda Faoro, Compagnie Les Muses, Anasma, Assia Guemra, Souraya Bagdadi, Hella Vuong, Meissoun, Willow Chang, Papy Nindo, …

Feb 2010

Anasma co-produces « Avanti, Danziamo! » in Rome with San’Lo and Isabel de Lorenzo. Cast includes De Nova Luce, Fabio Cacciale, Carovana Tribale, Gilberto, Julie de St Blanquat.

June 2010

World Citizen Dance starts managing Anasma, a WCD Artist.

Sept 2010

World Citizen Dance produces “On your Marks, Get Set, Dance!” in NYC and organizes workshops for Linda Faoro and Willow Chang in NYC.

Nov 2010

World Citizen Dance launches WCD shirts (see our store)

Dec 2010

World Citizen Dance co- produces « Avanti, Danziamo! » in Milan with Les Soeurs Tribales and Valentina Bulzi.

Jan 2012

World Citizen Dance produces Anasma’s first singing album “Chance is Back,” composed by Blastermind and written by Anasma.

Sept 2012

World Citizen Dance produces Anasma’s first music video in Hawaii for the song “Ocean Elevation” in the album “Chance is Back,” Directed and shot by Nicolas Libersalle and Lea Amiel.

“On your Marks, Get Set, Dance!”

Anasma and her production and artist management company World Citizen Dance present an exciting interactive show “On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance!,” also called “Avanti, Danziamo!” and “A vos marques, prets, dansez!”.

Anasma Performing in "On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance!"

WORLD CITIZEN DANCE and Anasma present “On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance!” – a professional global dance show not like any other, introducing a mix of choreographic and theatrical versatility. The show has been presented on three continents with over 30 different artists. Each presentation of “On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance!” is unique because of the guests invited onstage and the audience participation. During the first part, each performer presents a short piece on a common theme. In the second part of the show, the performers improvise within the frame of structured games in which the audience can make requests and suggestions.

  • flyer 10 par 15 300 dpi bonnes couleurs
  • avanti danziamo presented by San Lo and Anasma Roma May 2010 photo by Paulo Maura  10
  • avanti danziamo presented by San Lo and Anasma Roma May 2010 photo by Paulo Maura  26
  • Sandralis en mi sueno
  • Nobuya Nagahama 6
  • Mike Supreme and Krazypop 4
  • BodyPoet Kazuma 2
  • ai ikeda 4
  • avanti danziamo presented by San Lo and Anasma Roma May 2010 photo by Paulo Maura  17
  • avanti danziamo presented by San Lo and Anasma Roma May 2010 photo by Paulo Maura  25
  • avanti danziamo presented by San Lo and Anasma Roma May 2010 photo by Paulo Maura  30
  • richmonf red light
  • improv 8 pm richmond mike supreme 3
  • DeRose Luis and Juliana 5
  • WORLD CITIZEN DANCE and Les Soeurs Tribales Avanti Danziamo Milano 2010
  • WORLD CITIZEN DANCE and Anasma On your Marks Get Set Dance  Sept 2010
  • WORLD CITIZEN DANCE present workshops with Anasma Linda Faoro and Willow

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Professional international artists with high level training in various dance/theater/martial arts techniques (Bellydance; Jazz; Modern; Breakdance; House; Popping; Locking; African; Flamenco; DeRose Method and Yoga; Mime; Acting; Wushu; Tae Kwon Do; Hula; and more) are invited to present their works on a common theme in the first part of the show. Through their own artistic vision, poetry and movement vocabulary, the guest performers create a body expression meant to offer content and messages.

Then, the second part of the show becomes an interactive, experimental live encounter between dance and improvisational theater. The audience is invited to submit themes to the performers – such as characters, animals, emotions, stories, and everyday gestures; and to give their music to the sound technician. The performers then improvise on those themes, while dancing. Professional performers take risks with their artistry. They move through their emotions, spontaneously creating characters, stories, symbols and meaning. This dynamic part of the show facilitates creative interaction between the audience and a gifted cast.
Come witness the artistry of professional international talent. Come take part and create the magic from your seat. Two shows are never the same! Bring your music and your sense of humor for this unique experience.

Watch On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance! photos
Watch On Your Marks, Get Set, Dance! & Interactive Improvisations videos

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