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The conception of the Album

Born in a space of love and joy and rooted in influences as culturally diverse as Anasma herself, “Chance Is Back” is a wondrous and inspirational World Pop album celebrating creativity and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

First Music Video: “Ocean Elevation”

First Music video by Anasma, recorded in Hawaii.

● Lead voice, backup vocals, song writer, Dancers, Choreographer: Anasma

● Composer, Mixing, Mastering : Blastermind

● Producer and Executive producer: Anasma and World Citizen Dance

● Director of the music video, Script, Editing: Lea Amiel

● Director of photography, Filming, Editing: Nicolas Libersalle

● Graphics: Christian Belala

● On site guide and photographer: Joe Marquez

Special Thanks

Anasma would love to thank in particular the following people for having closely worked on the elaboration of the CD:
● Pierre : for helping Anasma realize herself fully, making such another old dream come true, for inspiring her with love and eternal support. For making her meet Blastermind, Nicolas and Lea… the beginningof it all!
● Blastermind : for making such a winning team writting, composing and recording a record of 13 tracks in 15 days!
● Brian Feister of Dreamstar Studios: who designed the album cover, digipack and booklet
● All the photographers and their generous support: Joe Marquez, Andre Elbing , Kaevh Kardan, Fernando Naiberg
● Nicolas and Lea Libersalle : for creating a drop-dead beautiful music video
● The legal help: Karim Khoukhi, Mr De Rengerve
● Catherine Lobrichon and Michel of Sierra Technic : for pressing the CD in such high quality
● Jenny of 4 Sphere Management : for giving excellent advice and managing online Marketing and Communication
● friends and Family, sponsors, students, fans : for supporting and beleiveing in Anasma in her new experiences.

Fourteen Songs

You can listen on CdBaby and iTunes.
Listen for free here on Deezer.

1. Chance is back
2. Music in my veins
3. Ocean Elevation (Blastermind Remix)
4. Urban jungle
5. My home is you
6. Velvet gloves
7. First Class baby
8. Army of Light
9. The big secret
10. Only Channeling
11. The Fear of Losing you
12. Keep Going, Keep Growing
13. Vampires of creation
14. Ocean Elevation (Elevation Remix)

Messages of Love and Light

● “Dreams are true when you beleive the world is yours again”
● “Spread the love around and it will come back to you”
● “Feeling one and grounded,
more than ever united, To the Universe,
I fly higher in the sky”
● “You are the golden Eagle”
● “Looking for family members in every place,
I found you and I discovered my new Homebase”
● “Against hatred my armor is love”
● “The treasure is closer than you think, God’s within”
● “Be gentle to yourself, your teachers and what they gave”
● “You can hear resonnate
something that is innate,
your joy irradiates!”

… Read them all in the 12 page booklet!

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