Invited around the world to teach and perform, Anasma appears in Festivals/ Conventions/ Conferences, Week-long intensives, Week-end Intensives with workshops and master classes. She teaches regular Master Classes in Paris and private classes while she is travelling.

About Class Structure

Generous in her teaching, Anasma loves giving and exchanging. She keeps the energy high in her fun and informative workshops, creating a supportive learning environment.

Anasma’s classes and workshops start with a warm up that includes muscle strengthening, body awareness, breathing, deep stretching, balancing through the usage of yoga asanas, exercising and dancing. This portion of the class introduces the dance style that will be the focus of the workshop.

Then, technique relative to the topic is taught through the introduction of new concepts and drilling. We work the body out and learn innovative ways to express ourselves through movement.

Combinations are created throughout the class or at the end of the class, in order to put together a short choreography. Workshops and classes are a space for creativity. While choreography is an important tool for teaching and learning, Anasma also encourages improvisation, to keep the dancing lively.

The class ends with a cool down.

The length of a class is variable and the structure is adaptable to different time frames.

Anasma wants dancers in her classes to be safe. (Read more about safety here).

Student Ethics

Following is a list of guidelines and ground rules for studying with Anasma. Please read ahead of time as Anasma expects her students to be familiar with these guidelines.

  • No gum, no smoking, no telephone.
  • Come to learn. Work to grow as a better dancer and person.
  • Work for yourself. This is not a competition. We are all brothers and sisters.
  • Be safe for your body. Give yourself fully and only take what you need.
  • Push yourself to do the best but do not be too hard on yourself. Remember that each person learns at his or her own pace.
  • Have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • No video capture permitted unless permission is given by Anasma. If videos are allowed, they should be only for your personal use and not be made public ( no Youtube, Dailymotion etc.)

201301 Anasma training Love Army Project in Cologne by Andre Elbing

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