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Master Classes and Workshops

In addition to her regular classes and workshops in Paris, Anasma gives international workshops and private lessons while she is traveling.

To come study with her in workshops/trainings/ group classes or see her availability for private and semi-private classes, check out the schedule here. Read more about Anasma’s teaching philosophy here.

Workshops and master classes are classes that have a specific topic and happen on a special occasion. It can be destined for advanced beginners, intermediate, advanced dancers, professionals and teachers, and sometimes for all levels. Workshops and master classes are offered during Anasma’s week-end intensives, week-long intensives, festivals, conferences, and conventions… around the world.
Check the level with each organizer.

Professional dancers and teachers are \welcome in workshops, where they can get new content for their teaching and performing skills.

Questions about booking Anasma for international workshops and performance:

201212 Anasma teaching in Valencia Spain at VLC Tribal fest

Upcoming Workshops


Anasma back in Taipei, Taiwan for show and master classes

Taipei, Taiwan

Anasma back in Taipei for show and master classes Cours et spectacle par Anasma a Taipei , Taiwan organised by Kelli Li 4/27 Thur. 19:30-21:30 LIQUID SNAKY MOVES Whether you are a fusion dancer or a classic bellydancer, the Liquid snaky moves will bring a new dimension to your dancing! Using Waving techniques, her strong floorwork techniques, deep theatrical root and a lot of creativity, Anasma adapts her Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid Fusion to offer hissing and flowing moves and develop the character of the Snake. Whether it is an... Read More


Anasma donne des cours de Yoga Danse à Lyon chez Onlyoga! les dimanches ensoleillés :)

Studio Only Yoga

Anasma donne des cours de Yoga Danse à Lyon chez Onlyoga! les dimanches ensoleillés :) Dimanches ensoleillés : Vinyasa Danse 11h-12h30 Chaque dimanche un prof et un style different. Anasma enseigne les dates suivantes: dimanche 19 février, 12 mars, 23 avril et 14 mai. Vinyasa, danse, bien être! Inscriptions: Objectifs pédagogiques – être et bien-être du corps et de l’esprit. – Préparation et conditionnement du corps du danseur à travers la pratique du yoga qui apporte une conscience de la respiration, de la posture dans l’espace, la force... Read More


Anasma – stage et spectacle Fusion à Toulouse- festival Back to the Roots


Stages, Master classes, chorégraphie avec un groupe, spectacle… avec Anasma, Mat Jacob et Julie de St Blanquat… un beau programme a Toulouse en fusion. Identité Hybride oriental tribal contemporain yoga vinyasa theatre expression waving A TOULOUSE : Festival Back to the Roots, organisé par Caroline Achouri, du 25 au 28 mai. Back to the Roots, le rendez vous annuel de la Tribal Dance à Toulouse, ouvre pour la première fois une fenêtre vers la Tribal Fusion, tout en conservant ses racines ATS® . Stages à la carte, spectacle, hafla…tous les... Read More


Anasma – Hybrid workshops, master classes in Colombia Festival Mixtique

Bogota, Colombia

Anasma – Hybrid workshops, master classes in Colombia Festival Mixtique Performance and Workshops Dance workshops and Corporate workshops. More info soon with Dialuna, Amaranta and Mixtique team.


Yoga’rt : a Yoga Dance Weeklong with Anasma!


For English, please scroll down. Une semaine intensive de Yoga Danse avec Anasma ​ DATE : Ven 30 juin au mard 4 juillet 2017 30H DE TRAINING ! : 6h par jour pendant 5 jours !!!! NOUVEAU TARIF !!!! NOUVELLES DATES (NOUS FINISSONS LE 4 JUILLET )!!!! OBJECTIFS PEDAGOGIQUES être et bien-être du corps et de l’esprit. Développer la conscience corporelle par un training pluri-disciplinaire Préparation et conditionnement du corps du danseur à travers la pratique du yoga qui apporte une conscience de la respiration, de la posture dans l’espace,... Read More


Anasma – Dance theater and hybrid master classes in Sicily Festival Khamsin 2017


Anasma teaches master classes + performs in Sicily


Nouveau cours hebdos à Lyon: Yoga danse, Vinyasa, World Danse, Yoga Aerien, Danse Theatre

Fit by So, Lyon

Rejoignez Anasma à Lyon! Pour 9 cours hebdomadaires! A deux pas du Métro Bellecour! chez Fit by So MARDI 9h Yoga Aérien 10h Vinyasa Yoga 12h30 Yoga Aérien MERCREDI 15h30 Humanimals 18h World Danse 19h Yoga Aérien JEUDI 18h Yoga Aérien 19h Vinyasa Yoga 20h World Danse Yoga Aérien Entre ciel et terre, le Yoga Aérien place une discipline ancestrale dans les airs. Défiant les lois de la gravité, envolez vous… dans un hamac! Redécouvrez les sensations du corps, remplissez votre coeur de joie, et nourrissez votre âme du bien... Read More


Cours a Lyon chaque Semaine:Vinyasa yoga danse, Yoga Aerien, Danse Theatre, World Danse


9 Cours Réguliers à Lyon… mardi, mercredi, jeudi avec Anasma au Nouveau studio Fit by So! A partir du Mardi 6 mars : Vinyasa Yoga Dance, World Dance A partir du 14 mars : Yoga Aerien (dans les hamacs) A partir de Sept 2017: Humanimals Danse theatre Tarifs : 24€ par cour pour 10 cours | 18€ par cours pour 30 cours |16€ par cours pour 50 cours Adresse: 1 rue Antoine de Saint Exupery, Lyon 69002- Metro Bellecour! Inscriptions: Infos: #yogadanse #lyon #cours #classes #creative #worlddance #aerialyoga... Read More


“Dance Master Class Topics for all dancers and movers ” are now online!

Paris | Directions

Check out the list of offerings by Anasma World Citizen Dance School… For dancers of all styles! Info here ANASMA WORKSHOP TOPICS FOR DANCERS JUNE 2015 PEDAGOGIC GOALS : Technique, Corporal precision Versatility, Openmindedness, Inter Cultural Exchange Creativity, Playfulness, Body awareness : Center, Breathing, Balance, Strength, Flexibility Well Being, Self-Expression, Personnal Development, Relaxation Expression, Projection, Theatricality Team Spirit, team building, Trust, communication TECHNIQUES/ TOOLS I USE AS A TEACHER: Ethnic Dances Academic Dances Urban Dances Compositional theories Theater, Dance-Theater Yoga, Yoga-dance Singing Partner work, acro, body balancing STRUCTURE OF THE... Read More


So Happy at Work! Well-being workshops for enhanced productivity with Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate

Paris | Directions

Well-being and enhanced productivity! with Dance, Theater, Pantomime, Singing, Yoga, Massage… workshops with World Class Artists. CREATIVITY |SELF EXPRESSION| CHARISMA| EMOTION | STRESS RELIEF | WELL BEING | CONCENTRATION | DIALOGUE | SHARING | TEAM SPIRIT| LEADERSHIP Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate offers  Incentive & Teambuilding workshops catering to the needs of your company… on a punctual basis ( as during your conventions and seminars…), or on an on-going basis (every semester, trimester, monthly, weekly…).


So Happy at Work! Well-being workshops for enhanced productivity with Anasma World Citizen Dance Corporate

Paris | Directions

Anasma offers private classes and coaching Anasma is available for one-on-one classes and small group privates in paris or while she is traveling around the globe. Perfect your skills on any topic… while getting full attention and corrections… technique, performance, creative process, choreography… In person: At anasma’s home studio or at your studio: Rental and transportation fees must be added to the class fee. Online : through skype, as well as Video reviews Rates, Bookings : Contact:


Anasma – master class oriental fusion à l’OTF Orientalisches Tanzfestival Stuttgart


Anasma – master class oriental fusion a Stuttgart festival OTF Orientalisches Tanzfestival Stuttgart Organised by Artemis.


Anasma in Mexico Dance-Theater Festival “Insania”


Anasma is back in Mexico for the Dance-Theater Festival “Insania” Workshops, Master classes, performances by Anasma – Theatrical Bellydance – Hybrid dance : contemporary , yoga, Oriental, Modern, Popping… Registration here :


Anasma in Milan choreographic intensive “Ovidio’s Telling”


Anasma in Milan choreographic intensive “Ovidio’s Telling” Idea by Francesca Pedretti Guest teachers: Anasma, Francesca Pedretti, Alice Giampieri Milano Three days of intensives workshops and choreography creation with presentation on stage of the work created during the residency. Theme : Ovidio Join us for this great experience!


Les 6 sens – weeklong intensive is back in Singapore! Save the date!


Anasma is back in Singapour with les 6 Sens Intensive! Choreography , training , creation, residency program Organised by Cee Kanake Goals of the intensive • reflecting about Dance differently, perspective change • sources of inspiration are sensory and personal, organic • Developing sensations from inside • Dancer’s training and conditionning, gaining body awareness • We will borrow tools from Yoga, Modern’Jazz, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Bellydance, Popping… Structure of the day Each day will have a main focus • EVENING WEEK NIGHT SESSION with a special focus of the day... Read More


Bookings open for Yoga Dance workshops with Anasma around the world

Book a yoga dance workshop with Anasma, nationally or internationally. Contact her at:

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